Alkantara Fest

International folk and world music festival
Alkantara Fest was founded in 2004 in the area of the river Alcantara named by the Arabs ‘Al qantarah’. The vision of the Alkantara Fest is to disseminate the rich musical traditions of Sicily in relation to other European cultures.
Like the river from which it derives its name, Alkantara’s source comes from the very heart of Mount Etna and looks towards the Mediterranean and even beyond to the north and east of Europe.
The realization of the Alkantara Fest is like an imaginary journey throughout history, nature and different traditions. Our aim is to demonstrate how Sicily, such a big melting-pot of styles, influences, races and cultures, can be deeply and intimately connected to an ideal thread to each different European popular tradition.

Our team

Associazione Culturale Darshan
Artistic director
Mario Gulisano
Marco Carnemolla
Audio and lights
AMS Service, Zafferana
Il Pigno
Graphics and website
Giuseppe Lombardo
Photo and video
Nadia Arancio
Social media
Ambra Scamarda
GNC Press
Gianni Nicola Caracoglia
Lavinia D’Agostino
MediaEvent, Hungary
Babel Sound, Hungary
Italian World Beat
3CR Community radio, Australia
Azienda Agricola Il Pigno
Azienda agricola Bagolaro
B&B Sotto i Pini
Azienda agricola Muse
Casa di Paglia Felcerossa
Associazione Areasud
Associazione Il Tamburo di Aci
Associazione Gammazita
Anima Munti
Clan dei ragazzi
Compagnia del Fermento
Support and grants
Ministero dei Beni e Attività Culturali e Turismo
Regione Siciliana, Turismo Sport e Spettacolo
Comune di Catania
Comune di Zafferana Etnea
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