AYSAY (Turkey/Denmark)

La cantante e suonatrice di saz Luna Ersahin è nata nell’ambito di due culture. Con una madre danese e un padre curdo / turco la sua voce risuona come un unicum composto da due metà diverse. Essendo il fulcro del trio AySay, la stessa storia si traduce in un paesaggio sonoro in cui le tradizioni […]

Himmerland (Denmark/Ghana/Sweden)

This is a band of very experienced musicians composing and performing original music from Denmark and beyond. They met while recording the album, “Himmerlandsmelodier”, a project created by the founder of this band, composer and saxophone player Eskil Romme.After a tour to the Faroe Island in 2010, they decided to expand the concept, and they […]

Fromseier Hockings (Denmark)

Saturday July 28, Zona 3 h 22.30 Monday July 30, Felcerossa h 21.00 Fromseier Hockings is one of only a few Danish fiddle/guitar duos who travel with original roots- and folk music. The duo consists of two of the most well known danish roots- and folk musicians, Ditte Fromseier on the fiddle and singing as […]