Wild Marmalade (Australia)

Thursday July 26, Il Pigno h 22.00 Wild Marmalade are the world’s original high-energy didgeridoo dance band heralding from the small town Byron Bay, Australia. Fusing the ancient sounds of the didgeridoo with contemporary dance beats, their sound is a meeting of Si’s synth stylee didgeridoo drones with the explosive beats of Matt Goodwin on […]

Kerekes Band (Hungary)

Saturday August 4, il Pigno h 21.00 ’Pimasz album cuts a distinctive voice for the Kerekes Band: an irresistible groove of tumbling bass-lines, driving drums and wildly spiraling flute riffs. (…) They take their traditional instruments – the koboz (lute), a viola and the flute (played by virtuoso player and band leader Zsombor Feher) – on […]