In 2010 i Beddi, musicians of Sicily, win the 11th edition of the Festival of the New Sicilian Song – Trinacria Award – organized by the staff of Antenna Sicilia with the Tarantella blues track. Tarantella Blues is the central piece of the second CD: Siciliazero, which the band premiered on July 9th 2010 in Malaysia at the Rainforest music festival. Siciliazero follows the trail of Ppi jopcu and pp’amuri, the first record produced by the Cultural Association il Tamburo di Aci in 2008. In December 2012, the third discographic work dedicated to the Sicilian Christmas tradition was published: E falla bedda la ninnaredda.
In 2014 the band received two important awards: the Cruijllas prize awarded by the Cultural Association Sikania, which chose the Beddi musicians of Sicily to represent Sicily in the world; and the Corrado Maranci prize awarded by the Ass. Sicilian Popular Music Cori of Val d’Anapo for the activity carried out with prestige at national and international level.
2016 is the year of the “Revolution”; after two years of hard work in the rehearsal room and in the recording room, he sees the latest innovative record work: Da revolution … and other folklorist stuff. The new Siciliy Unconventional Folk was born with a new sound on the disc; the already degenerate and destructured folk of the Beddi musicians of Sicily is further contaminated both with music from other regions of the world, and with modern genres such as Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Surf, Baroque Music, Jazz and more. The Disco also boasts numerous guests of the calibre of Santi Pulvirenti, Rita Botto, Totò Nocera, Daniele Zappalà, Antonio Putzu, Fratelli Navarria, Carmelo Trimarchi, Mario Gulisano.
The group has active participation in compilations, documentary soundtracks, television themes, and it can also boast several television participations (also on national and international networks). Over the years he has carried out an intense concert activity, having participated in numerous popular music festivals in Sicily, Calabria, Puglia, Campania, Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Tuscany, Piedmont, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Tunisia, Malta, Malaysia.


WEDNESDAY, JULY 31 h 21:00 Alkantara Night, Zafferana Etnea

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