The best of Hungary’s world musicians work together the most relieving way in this charismatic group. HolddalaNap performs perfectly elaborated songs on the curly road between Hungarian folk music and flamenco music. What is even more special is the fact, that at their concerts they mix playfulness and ritual the most amazing way.” (Szimpla, 2017)​

The group HolddalaNap (‘MoonSingsSun’, or ‘The Moon with the Sun’) was founded by well-known and experienced Hungarian folk musicians. Their debut album Dandala was released under one of top labels of Hungary: the Gryllus Kiadó, and has been recommended to the world music album nominees at Hungarian Grammy: Fonogram award in 2015. 

They were among the 10 groups who represented Hungarian world music in Fono Café, the 0th day before the WOMEX 2015 in Budapest.

The leading Hungarian music journal listed the album among the top releases of the Year.

The group brings together own poetry and essence of traditional music, they add a lot of improvisation and wonderful singing, and create their unique sound by using authentic folk instruments like Hungarian lute, zither, kaval, ney, tilinkó, bagpipe, zurna, violin, daf, guitar, baglama, etc.

They work with two brilliant Romani singers, who sang with great success also in different WOMEXs: Guszti Balogh is a member of the group, and Monika Lakatos was the guest singer of their first album: she was one of the singers in the opening ceremony of WOMEX 2015 in Budapest.​

The voices of the Hungarian singer and composer of the songs, Anna Gulyás, fits very well with the voices of her Romani friends. It is a music born out of friendships and love, and listening them, You can feel that bombastic positive energy. All the other members sing also, so sometimes You can listen to 8 voices on the stage!​

The members of the ensemble travel a lot, study Hungarian folk music and the music of other regions like Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, Persia, South America etc. They are also trained in classical and jazz.


SUNDAY, JULY 28 h 10:00/20:00 @Musa, Bronte CT

MONDAY, JULY 29 h 10:00/20:00 Garden of the Beloved

TUESDAY, JULY 30 h 22:00 Gammazita

WEDNESDAY, JULY 31 h 21:00 Alkantara Night, Zafferana Etnea

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