Karim Alishahi: Iran has been an area of ​​bridges between East and West for thousands of years, inhabited by Indo-European peoples, in which music has at least two thousand five hundred years the status of a great art that has never ceased to develop and refine. The music and poetry, in fact, have been the fascinating trait over time, the flower of the Persian language civilization and their influence on the arts of the vast Iranian, Caucasian, Central Asian and Western Chinese area is comparable to the influence it had Italian culture in the Renaissance.

The traditional musical repertoire is transmitted orally and it is modal music, the development takes place solely through the melody, unlike the tonal one which is based on harmony. More than the theoretical-formal aspect of music, it is important to emphasize that the performer is evaluated by listeners for his hal, “inner state”. In fact it is through improvisation which is the indispensable element of music, that the interpreter tries to communicate this state of grace.
Improvisation is nevertheless total, because it improvises on everything: on the atmosphere, on the audience (its silences and its reactions), on temperatures (if it’s hot, if it’s cold), anything can influence the execution, which it becomes unique and unrepeatable and alive.

Riccardo Gerbino: Graduated in Extra-European Musical Traditions with an Indological address at the A. Pedrollo Conservatory in Vicenza, he studied Latin percussion with Rosario Jermano and Arabic percussion with Mohamed Fares. Continue to deepen the study of the tablà with Pandit Sankha Chatterjee. He has been working since 1996 with his own group, Dounia, with whom he recorded the CDs New World (2002) and Monkey (2005), both published by “il Manifesto”; Silent Town (Dounia & Marta Collica) for Viceversa Records (2016), and From the shores of the white sea (Dounia and Moncef Ghachem) for Mesogea (2003). In addition to the projects he co-founded, Dounia, Luftig, Pocket Poetry Orchesra, and Quattro Canti, he collaborates in the studio and live with musicians of various musical genres, such as: Alessandro Mannarino, Eyal Maoz, Marta Collica, Hugo Race, Sepiatone , Amato Jazz Trio, Cecilia Pitino, Juri Camisasca, Carmen Consoli, Brando, Flor, Carlo Muratori, Vincenzo Spampinato, Gen Rosso, Paolo Buonvino, Nakaira.

Riccardo Gerbino

Karim Alishahi

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