Red Grenadier draw from a wide pool of musical influences; you’re sure to hear something different every time around.

Sometimes pure voice rings through in unaccompanied arrangements; at other times, songs are built up through a rotating line up of guitar, fiddles or accordion, driving and delicate by turn. Sometimes the instruments take centre stage with a tuneset from Ireland, France, Scandinavia or the Balkans. Missy plays viola, Elly plays violin, both play guitar, and their a cappella roundscapes and Elly’s instinctive harmonies are mesmerising to drunks and connoisseurs alike.


SATURDAY, JULY 27 Off Alkantara – h 19:00 Felcerossa Casa Di Paglia

SUNDAY, JULY 28 Off Alkantara – h 13.30 Clan dei Ragazzi

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