The Lóca band was founded in 2010 in Kecskemét. Our aim is to revive folk traditions and folk customs in musical children’s programs. Our lectures are based on the active participation of children; and they contain folk songs, folk games and dancing related to the current celebration, a great day. In addition to our thematic programs, we often perform edited, musical folk tales. Our songs and stories are performed with live musical accompaniment with folk and classical instruments and sound-producing instruments. The content of our programs is tailored to the skills of the given age group, so the musical and rhythmic sense of the children develops during the cloudless entertainment, and their sense of community increases.

Inci Fekete- violin, flute, melodic, morse, singing
Róbert Nádudvari – guitar, vocals
Krisztián Almási – percussion instruments, vocals


FRIDAY, AUGUST 2 Off Alkantara h 22:00 Casamatta

SATURDAY, AUGUST 3 h 22:30 Folk Stage Sotto i Pini

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