The folk band “Lóca” was founded in 2010 in Kecskemét, Hungary. The group plays Hungarian folk songs and offers concerts mainly for children and for families. They released their debut album this year which contains their own versions of popular Hungarian children songs and folk songs. The members of the Catania based folk group Oi Dipnoi participate in one song on this record. Lóca will promote their album in Italy this summer.

Besides the concerts, they present folk dance events and workshops for adults as well, based on folk music of ‘csángó’ people who live in ‘Moldva’ in Romania. ‘Csángó’ people are relatives of Hungarians and most of them still speak the native language. All the ’csángó’ melodies have their own specific dances. These dances are very popular in Hungary, because they are very easy to join and learn. Most of them are circle dances which helps the people to quickly become a small community.


Inci Fekete (violin, vocal)

Róbert Nádudvari (acoustic guitar, vocal)

Krisztián Almási (cajon)

Special guest: Attila Soltész (flute, dance)


Video 2

Video 3

FRIDAY, AUGUST 2 Off Alkantara h 22:00 Casamatta

SATURDAY, AUGUST 3 h 22:30 Folk Stage Sotto i Pini

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