The Carioca-Japanese-Portuguese-Italian songwriter, Luiz Murá, left Brazil seeking for the roots and connections of Brazilian music around the world. It was in Barcelona, a Mediterranean city in the middle of the planet, that he found the perfect environment to put at test all his heritage: Moroccan gimbris, Italian singers, Flamenco dancers, Brazilian sambistas, Senegalese djembes, Russian bayans, Mexican mariachis and Romanian gypsies were all performing the same song, with a new sound and flavour. No borders existed, only musical oneness. Those were the days when he met Agostino Aragno (Italy), Marina Curbelo (Spain), Marion Candela (France) and Ernesto Vargas (Mexico), former members of the band born in different countries, who add their cultural heritage and also their passion for performing, travelling and collaborating with artists from all over the world


SATURDAY, AUGUST 3 h 21:00 World Stage Il Pigno

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