Giuseppe Di Bella (Sicily)

Giuseppe Di Bella was born in Enna, in the center of Sicily. Singer-songwriter, performer, poet, guitarist, he has his roots in a Mediterranean style that from Portuguese meets Portuguese fado, the songwriting and popular song of South America. From the influence of Dulce Pontes and Pedro Aznar, the composition of Victor Jara, Amalia Rodrigues, Cuchi […]

I Beddi (Sicily)

In 2010 i Beddi, musicians of Sicily, win the 11th edition of the Festival of the New Sicilian Song – Trinacria Award – organized by the staff of Antenna Sicilia with the Tarantella blues track. Tarantella Blues is the central piece of the second CD: Siciliazero, which the band premiered on July 9th 2010 in […]

Oi Dipnoi (Sicily)

Hailing from Sicily, Oi Dipnoi draws deeply from the wells of tradition while creating a new sound full of personality. The repertoire is rooted in the musical heritage of the region that was collected over the years from remaining communities of shepherds and carters. It is presented to us in a vivid version where the diatonic […]

Le Matrioske (Sicily)

Thursday August 2, il Pigno h 21.00 Le Matrioske play some of the most interesting music and dances of South Italy and European Balfolk. They are toghether since 2011, since they met in Palermo (Sicily) the city, where they are based. Their first mad passion was the music of the Suthern Italy, like pizzica, tammuriata, Sicilian […]