Giuseppe Di Bella was born in Enna, in the center of Sicily. Singer-songwriter, performer, poet, guitarist, he has his roots in a Mediterranean style that from Portuguese meets Portuguese fado, the songwriting and popular song of South America. From the influence of Dulce Pontes and Pedro Aznar, the composition of Victor Jara, Amalia Rodrigues, Cuchi Leguizamon, up to the sounds of the Brothers Mancuso, Rosa Balistreri, Domenico Modugno, Ivano Fossati.

After training in the conservatory and with classical and modern singing teachers, be part of different musical formations, from folk to bossa nova. From the year 2002 to the year 2003 it is part of the association and musical group “Janniscuru”. In 2008, in a duo with Vittorio Ugo Vicari, he brings around a show for guitars and voices and tango dancers around Sicilian theaters, based on the search for South American folk music entitled “Lovers, love songs of struggle and freedom”.
From 2008 to 2011 he was hired by the Dell’ARPA theater company of the brothers Di Dio of Calascibetta, as a musician to take care of and perform the music for the show IMMENSAMADRE, with the participation of Lucia Sardo.
In 2011 he published his first book of poetry entitled The Gradations of White, with the publishing house “Con-fine” and won the first national Gesualdo Bufalino prize of the Carlevani Brancati Foundation in Catania.
He has made music for the cinema, in numerous short films awarded nationally and for documentaries.
He is currently working on the creation of his first recording work with the collaboration of several Sicilian artists, including Valeria Cimò, Giovanni Arena, Davide Campisi, Tino Caspanello, Cinzia Muscolino.


SUNDAY, AUGUST 4 h 22:30 Folk Stage, Sotto i Pini

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