Kolonien is a four piece family band from Sweden, reinventing their roots with rich vocal harmonies, and fierce melodies and rhythms. 

Fiddle-star Anna Möller and her cousins; the brothers Arvid and Erik Rask on guitar and bas, together with their neighbour and percussionist Mischa Grind all grew upwith the traditional folk music deeply embedded in the family. 

Their musical journey startedin their teens, when they left their countryside home to travel around Sweden as protest singers in the Swedish Green movement. After more than 500 concerts in 14 countriesand several collaboration with high-profile Swedish as well as international artist they have established themselves as one of the most prominent bands in the new wave of Swedish folk

“Kolonien creates their own world on the folk music map. A generous world that is

both playful and serious. They want their music to go beyond the usual stories.”

In 2012 they released their debut album Clockwise(Nataraj Records) for which they where awarded as newcomers of the year at the Swedish Folk and World Music Awardsand the follow-up album Drömmarnas Landwas released in 2015. 

2018 the band took a huge step into the international world music scene. Sparked by a successful showcase at Folk Alliance International (Jan 2018) Kolonien now frequently tours the folk music circuits in United States and Canada and are steadily building a following around the world. 2020 they celebrate ten years as a band with the release of their third album (through the new Swedish label Supertraditional) and tours in Scandinavia, North America, Italy, Germany and Great Britain. Kolonien is for sure a band to keep an eye on in the years to come! 

01 Aug 2020 World Stage, Il Pigno

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