Quartetto Areasud
 was born for fun and recreation to perform traditional music mainly related to the southern Italian and Sicilian cultures, not to mention that these territories are at the heart of the Mediterranean, a great “soup” in which the musical ingredients are cooked, with people who share a similar fate and tradition.

The four musicians come from the well-known groups of world music such as Nakaira and Oi Dipnoi, with the union of folk-singer Maurizio Cuzzocrea, who built his fortune over the years by participating in major festivals in Italy.

Although the instruments used exclusively a traditional origin and sought in the selection of the best builders, the performance of the songs is not strictly philological, but leaves room for personal interpretation and therefore the process of permanent settlement and re-creation that is characteristic of the music of oral tradition, for a rich repertoire of tarantella, in which the protagonist is friscalettu (the typical small Sicilian cane-flute, left by the ancient Greek culture), alongside chants, and serenades that tell stories through sounds and native languages of a piece of history and musicians who left a strong mark in Sicily before them.

Maurizio Cuzzocrea (guitar battente, tambourine, voice)

Franco Barbanera (bagpipes, friscalett, clarinet)

Mario Gulisano (tambourine, jew’s harp, vocals)

Marco Carnemolla (contrabass)

30 July 2020 Folk Stage Sotto i Pini

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