Ermanno Panta & Banda Zeitun (Spain/Italy)

Zeitun, transforms Mediterranean soundscapes into jazz.The meeting of Ermanno Panta (vocals, flute, tenor sax), Sergi Gómez (flamenco guitar), Daniel Abad (double bass) and Luati González (drums), all four of them jazz musicians coming from Sicily, Catalonia and Andalusia, has spontaneously generated a unique sound: inspiring, warm and deeply original. Banda Zeitun’s wide range of influences […]

Kerekes Band (Hungary)

Saturday August 4, il Pigno h 21.00 ’Pimasz album cuts a distinctive voice for the Kerekes Band: an irresistible groove of tumbling bass-lines, driving drums and wildly spiraling flute riffs. (…) They take their traditional instruments – the koboz (lute), a viola and the flute (played by virtuoso player and band leader Zsombor Feher) – on […]