Zeitun, transforms Mediterranean soundscapes into jazz.The meeting of Ermanno Panta (vocals, flute, tenor sax), Sergi Gómez (flamenco guitar), Daniel Abad (double bass) and Luati González (drums), all four of them jazz musicians coming from Sicily, Catalonia and Andalusia, has spontaneously generated a unique sound: inspiring, warm and deeply original. Banda Zeitun’s wide range of influences seamlessly combine in the island of Formentera, where the band is based.In 2017 the band has performed in more than 20 festivals and concert venues all over Europe. In 2018 Banda Zeitun will record their new album (Narrator Records label, Hungary) and will be performing in the Balearic Islands, Andalusia, Catalonia, Asturias, Hungary and Serbia.”Muses d’Illes” is the new eclectic show of the band: a vibrant jazz performance in which Zeitun takes on the wondrous challenge of strengthening ties with flamenco and Sicilian music.Original tunes are inspired by Mediterranean soundscapes and are sung in three languages; fine and modern arrangements and great interplay shape an energetic and elegant show in which jazz aesthetics blend with the pursuit of trance, so unique to the ancestral musical cultures in the Mediterranean basin.


THURSDAY, AUGUST 1 h 21:00 World Stage Il Pigno

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