I Santa Diver sono stati fondati dalla violinista jazz Luca Kézdy e dal multi-strumentista / compositore David Szesztay (al basso) nel 2006. nel 2015 entra a completare il trio il batterista David Szegő. La personalità dei tre musicisti crea una dimensione musicale unica e originale, in un dinamico crocevia tra jazz, world e free music. […]

Lóca (Hungary)

The folk band “Lóca” was founded in 2010 in Kecskemét, Hungary. The group plays Hungarian folk songs and offers concerts mainly for children and for families. They released their debut album this year which contains their own versions of popular Hungarian children songs and folk songs. The members of the Catania based folk group Oi […]

Holddalanap (Hungary)

The best of Hungary’s world musicians work together the most relieving way in this charismatic group. HolddalaNap performs perfectly elaborated songs on the curly road between Hungarian folk music and flamenco music. What is even more special is the fact, that at their concerts they mix playfulness and ritual the most amazing way.” (Szimpla, 2017)​ […]

Kerekes Band (Hungary)

Saturday August 4, il Pigno h 21.00 ’Pimasz album cuts a distinctive voice for the Kerekes Band: an irresistible groove of tumbling bass-lines, driving drums and wildly spiraling flute riffs. (…) They take their traditional instruments – the koboz (lute), a viola and the flute (played by virtuoso player and band leader Zsombor Feher) – on […]

Maria Keck & De Cobre (Hungary/Spain)

Sunday August 5, Musa h 18.00 Maria is the founder and director of the Nuestro aire company (since 2007) and the De Cobre project (since 2010). In both projects she participates as coreographer, dancer, singer and composer. Since 2011 she has been a member of the Miguel Reyes Sextet and also of Ethnómada which she […]