Friday August 3, il Pigno h 21.00

With a mixture of Latin American bohemian rhythms of the 50’s, Golosa La Orquesta has a versatility of repertoire that has allowed to see them in various national and international contexts. Six musicians who include a multiplicity of origins from different regions of Chile, and add elements and rhythms of their Chilean musical imaginary to their compositions. With an album released to date, an EP “La vida enloquece”; performances in different regions of Chile, in Djangofest Colombia, International Fair IMESUR and some of the most important stages of Santiago such as La Batuta, SCD Room, National Music Day, Life Teacher, Live Scene Radio Usach, etc. The band released their first video clip “La vida enloquece” in March 2016 and is currently promoting their second one, with new compositions including some mixtures and musical fusions like swing, jazz, folk, milonga, tango, world music.
Their performance proposal fuses without borders the old rhythms of Chilean music, but arranged in a contemporary way. A show with a powerful staging, created to break the fourth wall, generating direct dialogue with the audience, especially experiencing the party!
With octave violins, guitars with experimental delay and reverb, midi keyboards, all fused with the purity of the accordion and the acoustic violin, the double bass and the virtuosity in jazz improvisations in their music, which has led them to famous festivals in Colombia, Argentina, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, and of course Chile.
Golosa the Orchestra is like a party.
Geraldine Theroux – voice
Danka Villanueva – violin
Pato Pianola – accordion, piano and trumpet
Gus Valenzuela – guitar
Daniel Fuenzalida – contrabass
Hugo Jara – drums

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