Giuseppe Di Bella (Sicily)

Giuseppe Di Bella was born in Enna, in the center of Sicily. Singer-songwriter, performer, poet, guitarist, he has his roots in a Mediterranean style that from Portuguese meets Portuguese fado, the songwriting and popular song of South America. From the influence of Dulce Pontes and Pedro Aznar, the composition of Victor Jara, Amalia Rodrigues, Cuchi […]

Lóca (Hungary)

The folk band “Lóca” was founded in 2010 in Kecskemét, Hungary. The group plays Hungarian folk songs and offers concerts mainly for children and for families. They released their debut album this year which contains their own versions of popular Hungarian children songs and folk songs. The members of the Catania based folk group Oi […]

Himmerland (Denmark/Ghana/Sweden)

This is a band of very experienced musicians composing and performing original music from Denmark and beyond. They met while recording the album, “Himmerlandsmelodier”, a project created by the founder of this band, composer and saxophone player Eskil Romme.After a tour to the Faroe Island in 2010, they decided to expand the concept, and they […]

Karim Alishahi & Riccardo Gerbino (Iran/Italy)

Karim Alishahi: Iran has been an area of ​​bridges between East and West for thousands of years, inhabited by Indo-European peoples, in which music has at least two thousand five hundred years the status of a great art that has never ceased to develop and refine. The music and poetry, in fact, have been the […]

Golosa La Orquesta (Chile)

Friday August 3, il Pigno h 21.00 With a mixture of Latin American bohemian rhythms of the 50’s, Golosa La Orquesta has a versatility of repertoire that has allowed to see them in various national and international contexts. Six musicians who include a multiplicity of origins from different regions of Chile, and add elements and rhythms […]


Yoga, Didjeridoo, African drums, Flamenco, Balfolk, Body percussion, Pizzica pizzica