Sicilian Progressive Folk

The musical project of the Catania band Harundo was born from an idea by bassist Giampiero Cannata, with the aim of revisiting the different traditional music of the Mediterranean and North-Eastern Europe, including them in a wider interaction project with the most varied musical genres , thus giving life to a vast repertoire of original compositions.
From the energetic suggestions of the Spanish-Celtic music, with its medieval passacalles, to the Celtic gorges of the Breton area, and then again the nostalgic songs of the Scandinavian sailors, up to the pressing Kletzmer rhythms, the Bulgarian rachenitze and the Balkan dances, with their typical irregular patterns.
These are the starting elements of a journey in which the band, far from revisiting folk music in its original stylistic identity, operates in absolute freedom, renouncing on the one hand the cyclical structure typical of popular dance music, and on the other reconsiders the ancient thematic inspirations in their absolute and impartial value, thus bringing them closer to jazz, pop, new chamber music. The unifying element between the traditional and the modern is above all a Sicilian sound, authentic and eclectic at the same time, obtained with the typical instruments of the Island and with the sensitivity of five musicians of different backgrounds, and who boast prestigious collaborations (Rita Botto , Carmen Consoli, Mario Venuti are just a few).
The band promotes itself with a concert activity mostly aimed at local private associations and clubs and has participated in numerous regional and even European festivals, including the important International Forum “Without Borders” from which it arose in February 2013 a Tour in Bulgaria organized, sponsored and broadcast live by the National Radio of Sofia; he also took part in the making of the theatrical show “Historiae Sanctae Agatae” (2010) at the Castello Ursino in Catania and directed by Guglielmo Ferro.


FRIDAY, AUGUST 2 h 21:00 World Stage Il Pigno

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