Carlo Muratori (Sicily)

Carlo Muratori è fra i più autorevoli e storici cantautori siciliani. Il suo approccio alla musica tradizionale ha fatto scuola in Sicilia e fuori dall’Isola, ed è stato modello di riferimento per la scena musicale folk dagli anni settanta in poi. Durante la sua quarantennale carriera artistica ha alternato sapientemente l’impegno nel recupero di antichi […]

Pedro Makay (Spain)

Pedro Makay was born in Bilbao. In childhood he receives his first musical experience in piano lessons and at 13 he starts playing Spanish guitar. In a trip to Jamaica with his family, while visiting a friend in Negrilhe’s introduced to Caribbean rhythms, reggae and calypso which would become inspirational to his music. In Bilbao a […]

Marco Corrao (Sicily)

Marco Corrao, cantautore siciliano, chitarrista,produttore e direttore artistico musicale, ha allespalle tour in USA, Svezia, Danimarca, Inghilterra.Collaborazioni importanti con Eugenio Finardi,Francesco Cafiso, Giuseppe Milici, Moni Ovadia,Alex Valle, Riccardo Tesi e Oriana Civile. Produttoree autore di colonne sonore per Istituto LuceCinecittà Titanus. E’ stato ospite insieme a GabrieleGiambertone della Festa del Cinema di Roma con ildocumentario […]

Lóca (Hungary)

The folk band “Lóca” was founded in 2010 in Kecskemét, Hungary. The group plays Hungarian folk songs and offers concerts mainly for children and for families. They released their debut album this year which contains their own versions of popular Hungarian children songs and folk songs. The members of the Catania based folk group Oi […]

Harundo (Sicily/Bulgaria)

Sicilian Progressive Folk The musical project of the Catania band Harundo was born from an idea by bassist Giampiero Cannata, with the aim of revisiting the different traditional music of the Mediterranean and North-Eastern Europe, including them in a wider interaction project with the most varied musical genres , thus giving life to a vast […]

Maria F. Martinez & Bartolomeo Barenghi (Colombia/Italy)

Combining solid classical training with later studies in jazz and a passion for popular music, the artistic universe of Bartolomeo Barenghi is a balance between all these musical orbits. This compendium is the characterizing element of his first record, “Prelude e Saudade” (Quadrant Records – 2011), where the guitar music of the great Latin American […]

Mimì Sterrantino & Marco Corrao (Sicily)

Two songwriters from the province of Messina, with a common passion for Blues, Folk and Italian and English-speaking singer-songwriters, have decided to meet on stage and offer together their songs and some re-arranged covers by artists from whom they were inspired over the years, supporting each other musically.No common thread links the show, only the […]

Fromseier Hockings (Denmark)

Saturday July 28, Zona 3 h 22.30 Monday July 30, Felcerossa h 21.00 Fromseier Hockings is one of only a few Danish fiddle/guitar duos who travel with original roots- and folk music. The duo consists of two of the most well known danish roots- and folk musicians, Ditte Fromseier on the fiddle and singing as […]