Giuseppe Di Bella (Sicily)

Giuseppe Di Bella was born in Enna, in the center of Sicily. Singer-songwriter, performer, poet, guitarist, he has his roots in a Mediterranean style that from Portuguese meets Portuguese fado, the songwriting and popular song of South America. From the influence of Dulce Pontes and Pedro Aznar, the composition of Victor Jara, Amalia Rodrigues, Cuchi […]

Sicily Folk Orchestra (Sicily)

Sicily Folk Orchestra (SFO) comprises of ten permanent musicians plus guest vocalists. The focus is on Sicily, its rhythms and its songs. Fresh musical arrangements seek to include the sounds of traditional instruments such as the bagpipes, Jew’s harp, tambourine, mandolin, accordion, and the Sicilian friscalettu; combined with and enhanced by more modern sounds like […]

Holddalanap (Hungary)

The best of Hungary’s world musicians work together the most relieving way in this charismatic group. HolddalaNap performs perfectly elaborated songs on the curly road between Hungarian folk music and flamenco music. What is even more special is the fact, that at their concerts they mix playfulness and ritual the most amazing way.” (Szimpla, 2017)​ […]

Red Grenadier (Australia)

Red Grenadier draw from a wide pool of musical influences; you’re sure to hear something different every time around. Sometimes pure voice rings through in unaccompanied arrangements; at other times, songs are built up through a rotating line up of guitar, fiddles or accordion, driving and delicate by turn. Sometimes the instruments take centre stage with a […]

Davide Campisi (Sicily)

Tuesday July 31, Clan dei ragazzi h 15:00 For fifteen years Davide Campisi has dedicated his studies to the styles and techniques of the frame drums and the many popular traditional instruments of southern Italy. Since the beginning of his career he has collaborated with important artists such as Alfio Antico and the Tunisian percussionist Brahim […]