Pedro Makay was born in Bilbao. In childhood he receives his first musical experience in piano lessons and at 13 he starts playing Spanish guitar. In a trip to Jamaica with his family, while visiting a friend in Negrilhe’s introduced to Caribbean rhythms, reggae and calypso which would become inspirational to his music. In Bilbao a reputed gypsy, Jose Cortes, introduces him to flamenco and teaches him the repetition and discipline necessary to improve and perfect his technique on flamenco guitar. He composes his first songs while studying Business Studies at the Universidad del Pais Vasco and begins performing as a singer- songwriter around the city clubs and the university cultural centers.

In 2007 he records his first album by the name of Pedro Makay with Carlos Velasco, Teddy Baxter and Daniel Amat. That same year he travels to Buenos Aires where he lives the following 4 years. He studies harmony/composition with Rino Rafanelli, and singing with Silvia Gaddi and acting with Lito Cruz. In BA he presents his album playing gigs in night clubs, cabarets, theaters and cultural centers in the Buenos Aires scene, promoting his music in radio stations and television.

In 2010 he records in Argentina his second album, Ojos Negros, with the producer Andres Mayo andmusicians Gustavo “El Polaco” Goyeneche, Gabriel Costa, Daniel Leis, Ervin Stutz, Alejo Von der Pahlen and Juanjo “El Chaqueño” Martinez. The record was listed in the Latin Grammy Awards, under the categories of“Albumof the yearand “Best New Artist”.

In 2012 he returns to Spain, he continuous his musical career in Madrid, offering concerts in mythical hallssuch as Sala Barco, El Juglar, Café la Palma with the participation of Mali, griot Fakuli, Abba Suso griot from Ghana and Cuban singer Lazaro Armenteros, grandson of Benny Moré, as well as appearing in venues inEuropean cities, Bilbao, Seville, Bologna, Venice, Rome … In Lavapies, an intensely active cultural and multi ethnical neighbourhood of Madrid, where he lives (a european Greenwich Village where all cultures of the world converge) is an important source of inspirational influence in his music.

Since 2016 he has undertaken long national tours in Italy, Serbia, Spain … In 2019 he has participated in prestigious Italian Music Festivals: The Riccia Folk Festival, The Fiesta Global de Montefabri Festival and the BertinoroFestival, amongstothers.

In November 2019, Pedro Makay presents “Colores”. An eight songs album of own compositions inspired in popular roots and born through musical encounters, experiences and intense collaborations with musicians of different cultures. Recorded in collaboration with, amongst others, Norman Hoghes, Miron Rafajlovic,Abba Suso, Roberto Lorenzo, Aboubakar Syla, Pancho Brañas, “Colores” could best be described as offeringa “WorldMusic”style.

31 July 2020 World Stage, Il Pigno

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