Two songwriters from the province of Messina, with a common passion for Blues, Folk and Italian and English-speaking singer-songwriters, have decided to meet on stage and offer together their songs and some re-arranged covers by artists from whom they were inspired over the years, supporting each other musically.
No common thread links the show, only the pleasure of playing together, they are Marco Corrao and Mimì Sterrantino.
The first, born musically in 2005 in the Sicilian landscape, draws from American music, Sicilian folk music and the study of the fathers of blues and roots music in general. Since 2001 he has participated in numerous festivals in various garments and accompanied by various electric and acoustic groups. Among the major the Gilgamesh Blues Festival of Turin opening only act for John Primer, Etna in Blues, Capo d’Orlando in Blues, Polistena Rock ‘n Blues, Sila Blues Festival, Marco Fiume Blues Passion, Summertime Blues festival and many more. He has numerous opening acts to Charlie Musselwhite, Dana Fuchs, John Primer, Dirk Hamilton, Michael Burks, Damon Fowler, Sherman Robertson and a collaboration with Eugenio Finardi, his activity as a musician has led him to travel extensively in Italy and Europe with various performance in England, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and Denmark. In the summer of 2012 he opened the concerts and played with the Delta Moon, on the stages of various festivals in Southern Italy. He has three solo records “Trouble” 2007 and “Down Home” 2009. In February 2013 the new album “Twin Rivers” was released, presented in Palermo with the participation of the Sicilian Jazz player Francesco Cafiso and by the band of which Marco is part of Konrad’s Crew with Leonardo Triassi in the harmonica. In the spring of 2013 he presented the album Twin Rivers in Italy, Sweden and Denmark, while summer 2013 saw him engaged in an American tour that touched the states of Georgia, Florida Tennessee Arkansas. Corrao has walked the stages of the most famous clubs like the blind willie mctell of Atlanta, bradfordville blues club of Talahasse FL. After returning to Italy he was a guest of the buscadero day, an event promoted by the international magazine buscadero. In 2014, intense collaborations with Jono Manson Bocephus King Richard lindgren. In 2016 he participates in the Townes Van Zandt festival and accompanies the American songwriter Kreg Viesselman on tour. In March 2016 the album Storto comes out with the artistic production of the percussionist musician Giorgio Rizzo, already percussionist by Stefano Rosso, Mario Incudine Moni Ovadia in Le supplici. The Nebros album is coming out in 2017 with the production of Gabriele Giambertone and Jono Manson.

The second, born in January 1984 on the bank of an icy river
of northern Sweden, but only after a few months he moved to the warm coast of eastern Sicily
in Castelmola, a charming village perched above Taormina. From his father, a folk singer, he absorbs the
passion for music: from his mother, Swedish, he takes that cosmopolitan touch that allows him to
to add to the passion for folk music, the love for international music.
In February 2007 he released his first EP, “Mimì Sterrantino”, for Malintenti dischi.
In the meantime he begins a casual collaboration with the Sicilian music group “I Beddi”
of which he becomes the main voice by publishing together with them 4 records over the years
increasingly contaminated by other genres.
After years of study and musical research he decides to self-produce and in October 2012, together
to the band Gli Accusati, he recorded the first recording work entitled “Spengo il televisivo”.
In January 2013 he participates in the final phase of Musicultura with the song “Our sky is the roof
dei Rom ”, a dedication to the nomadic people from which it drew much musical inspiration.
“A wolf on the sofa” is the title of the album dated 2015.
It includes ten tracks, always recorded together with the Accusati, which trace the northern sound paths
In November 2016 “L’Amedeo” comes out, the story of a goat torn apart by the pain of being away
from his beloved and from his homeland. The track wants to be a dedication to those who emigrate
against his will, and is divided into two parts that are placed on both sides of a 45 rpm vinyl.
The album is accompanied by “Il Baule”, a collection on CDs of songs already recorded by the same but with different arrangements and with two new tracks inside: “Senza asfaltu ne cimentu” and “Ma tu”.
Of 2017 is “The search of the Blues”, a tribute to the immense research work of the musicologist Alan Lomax and his father John, revisiting the old recordings made by them to pioneers of the Blues or prisoners of the penitentiaries of Mississippi or Louisiana of the years’ 30, 40s and 50s.


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